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Workers' Compensation is a no fault system that provides you with medical treatment should you get hurt at work. Workers' Compensation covers both physical and psychological injuries that occur from or are caused by your employment.  Workers Compensation also covers injuries that are preexisting, but are aggravated or "lit up" by your employment.  Your employer need not have done anything wrong, the only thing that matters is that your injury was caused as a result of your employment.  Insurance companies deny many claims that are actually compensable Workers' Compensation injuries.  Don't accept an improper denial. Fight for your rights.


Worker's Compensation completely pays for all approved medical treatment, including surgeries, hospitalizations, doctors, and ambulances.  If required, Workers' Compensation also pays for home health care and nursing services.  Workers Compensation provides Temporary Disability payment based upon your wage rate while you are recovering and Permanent Disability payments after you have recovered to compensate you for any residual injury.  I will help you get the most out of all the benefits available to you under workers compensation law.


Your Workers' Compensation case will not cost you one penny out of your pocket.  Most costs, including your doctors, are covered by the insurance company.

WORK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR ATTTORNEY - Many Workers' Compensation attorneys hand off their cases to non-attorneys and are not available for their clients, even having them sign forms authorizing that non-attorneys will make appearances for you instead of the attorney you hired.  I personally handle all of my client's cases and make all court appearances on your behalf.


Court House

We're ready and available to help you during these troubling times.  Obtain the medical treatment and money you are entitled to.

Speak with an attorney at no cost to protect your workplace rights.

DISABILITY BENEFITS - Get paid while you recover from your injury.  Stop your employer from refusing to accommodate your work restrictions.

FREE MEDICAL CARE - All medical treatment is paid for by the insurance company.  We work with your doctor to help get medical treatment authorized and  appeal denials to the state independent medical review.

NO FEE UNLESS YOU RECOVER - All attorney's fees resolved when you settle your case.  No fees if you don't recover.  All fee's approved by Workers' Compensation Judges.

We've helped over a thousand clients get the medical treatment and disability benefits they're entitled to. Fill out the form to get started.

Physical injuries

Death Cases

Psychological Injuries

Cumulative Traumas

COVID or other infectious diseases

We cannot respond without your e-mail or a phone number.  Thank you.


Great Lawyer and Staff


Maria took my phone call, and information and set up an appointment for the next day. Met with Maria and Mr. Teperson and hired him as my lawyer. I was going through the Workers Compensation system for a work injury and trusted the insurance company would treat me right. When they started to treat me unfairly, I needed a lawyer to help me. Once Mr. Teperson took my case good things started happening right away. I was sent to a doctor of my choice, I started receiving my WC checks which had been stopped, and my surgeries, medications, treatments and eventual settlement were handled quickly and professionally.


I highly recommend Mr. Teperson, Maria and the entire staff if you are having any problems with your Workman's Comp. insurance company for your work related injury and don't wait like I did. I wish I had hired them from the beginning of my case but it's never to late to protect yourself and receive the care you deserve. Thank you Maria and Mr. Teperson.


Gracias Joshua and Maria

Honest and very helpful thanks to my Lawyer Joshua and the very professional team I have the medical help I need nobody wants to take my case and I just call and they support me on the spot even when I tell them my employers don’t have insurance this was a very hard case but is resolved with great results thank you

Aria P.

I cannot say enough good things about Joshua Teperson!

He won my case for me and was so proactive and persistent.  Originally, my previous attorney (who wasn't well enough to remain on my case), kept rescheduling my depositions (three total), didn't answer my calls and basically kept me in the dark regarding my case.  This went on for 10 months.  I knew it was time to look for another attorney when my previous attorney finally did not inform me he that had rescheduled my deposition yet again.  I ended up driving a two hour drive, spending money for a hotel room and parking, all to find out from the defense lawyer's secretary that my attorney rescheduled the deposition!


I knew it was time to let go and find another attorney who would represent me.  I called Mr. Teperson's office and Maria, his paralegal was so helpful over the phone.  Maria is most knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions.  I felt like I was talking to an attorney as she knew the answers (and more) to my questions.  Both Mr. Teperson and Maria have been so kind to me and have been on the ball, getting things done very quickly.  Within a few weeks, they managed to schedule a doctor's appointment (something my previous attorney wasn't able to do after 10 months) a deposition, and finally a settlement.  


Mr. Teperson's law firm handled everything so quickly for me.  For example, while I was signing the paperwork for Mr. Teperson to take my case, Maria was already preparing the paperwork on her end and calling all the parties involved, in this case, the Workers Comp people who were basically giving me the runaround.  I would say the process took 20 minutes and I was out the door feeling so relieved he took my case.


Prior to this, I was so stressed and I did not know what to do until I contacted them and they did everything!   I cannot thank Mr. Teperson and Maria enough!  In closing, I highly recommend Mr. Teperson's law firm!


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